Best places on body  for male & female

The Pro Art Tattoo School

We offer you the proffessional institution in body art.Our Tattoo course is dessigned to teach students the artistry and technique of their specialized field, also included the best bussiness practices for new enterpreneures.

Tips to Keep Your Tattoos Looking Fresh

Daily admission & individual attention

We offer the daily admission programme and individual attention for our students.Our master tattoo mentors are giving you the individual attention, so that you can improve your tattoo skills better than the other competing tattoo school.

Points to Consider Before choosing color

Become an ISO certified tattoo artist

We offer you ISO 9001:2015 certificate.This certificate will be register for employment/self-employment department in India.

Different types of tattoo machine

Enrollement & Requirements

*Basic Drawing skill
*No high school diploma required
*Students under 18 years old must have permission from parents or guardian
* Its not compulsory for you to have any experience or art qualification