A Progressive Body Art Studio.

We are Tattoo Temple Trivandrum ESTABLISHED IN 2016, One of the most popular Pro-Art Tattoo and Piercing Studio this side of Kerala with a vast portfolio of experienced and capable professionals. Our studio provides relaxed, comfortable space for people who are looking for the Most Advanced Tattoo Parlour in town. We offer services like tattoo, Piercing, tattoo training and permanent makeup. Our studio features artists with over 7 years of experience in the tattooing field not only in India, but on foreign soil too such as European and Latin American countries. With a great portfolio that explains the professionalism of the artists and deep knowledge of the industry.

Real Professional Tattooing

Tattoo Temple Trivandrum has quite a wide range of experise in flash designs, cover-ups and custom work designs amongst others.
The tattoo shop observes rigid sterilization techniques in addition to providing new needs for every customer.
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Meet the New Style Perfection

Our studio stands out for its cleanliness and perfection in every piece of art work and tattoo designs. Our experienced artists will give you the maximum efforts for their artwork to bring the maximum quality and the perfection for your tattoo.

Real professional tattoos

We're always eager to listen to our customers ideas to give 100% satisfaction and our portfolio explains the professionalism and deep knowledge of the industry.

Creating a Natural Look

Proper pigmentation gives you the natural look for your tattoo.Only the experienced artists can give you the right pigmentation for your art , also the proper after care makes the tattoo more attractive and natural.

Creating Impossible Arts

Tell us your idea and make your tattoo completely personalized. We will help you customize your designs, also our friendly artists help you to find out the best option for your old tattoo, cover-ups and also scar and birthmark cover-ups.

Tattoo which you Love

Your tattoo lasts for a lifetime, so it is important to choose the perfect match for your characteristics. Our experienced artists and designers can help you find the perfect tattoo which you won't regret later and love for a lifetime.


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